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The County of Bath has created an email for Public Comment on Public Notices advertised in local newspapers or posted on the County’s Facebook page or website.  If you would like to have your voice heard but are uncomfortable attending a county meeting, please email: [email protected]   We will then forward your email to the Bath County Supervisors. 

Re: Callstation Hardware/Software Refresh and Software Integration – Sole Source

            On June 14, 2024, Bath County will execute a contract engaging Motorola Solutions to update the County’s current 911 hardware and software in the 911 callstation. This project is part of a larger statewide initiative to modernize 911 capabilities across the Commonwealth. The hardware and software to be refreshed consist of products that only Motorola can update and maintain. The software to be implemented is an update to existing software licensed by Motorola, which only Motorola can sell and implement. For these reasons, and pursuant to Virginia Code § 2.2-4303(E), I conclude that there is only one source practicably available for this project.    

Michael J. Bender, Jr.

Bath County Administrator

2024-2029 Draft Comprehensive Plan